Project Introduction

Data Lifecycle Management Promotion Project

Lifecycle Management in Social Surveys

Project Background

Open science and open data have become a worldwide trend, and data in the field of social science, such as social surveys, is expected to be widely shared and utilized in society. However, while initiatives utilizing data, such as big data, promise to provide solutions to social issues, the various countries and regions of the world are promoting the reconstruction of social systems that can protect data and privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe has spurred the revision of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information in Japan.
Within the current global environment, amid moves to reconstruct social systems related to the protection of data privacy, social surveys and other processes of data collection, processing, operation, and disposal (the data lifecycle), must be adapted to new social systems for the protection of privacy and personal information to achieve public or joint use of data and privacy protection.
Following the revision to the 2017 Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Japan has also seen the emergence of various issues related to the public and joint use of social survey data, such as data collection and publication, and the anonymization of data.

Project Research and Development Content

In Japan, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information has been revised in terms of personal information and data protection, and the construction of new social systems based on the European GDPR is being promoted. As a result, the need has arisen to build a new data lifecycle management system with a view to open science and open data, including social surveys.

Center for Social Data Structuring (CSDS) initiatives

  • Collection and publication of social survey data
  • Surveys and proposals related to methods of publishing data, including anonymization
  • DLCM researcher support and publication of related documents
  • Trend analysis and publication of information on data privacy protection systems, including legal knowledge