Project Introduction

Social Big data related Project

Establishment of a Management Method and Platform for the Joint Use of Data

Project Summary and Anticipated Outcomes and Goals

We are indexing data and results available for research use and promoting an easy means of data sharing among researchers in joint research. This will facilitate the visualization global research activities and clarify the inter relationship of data use in research activities.
This will enable us to visualize who compiled what data, how, and what results were obtained and develop a platform for global research activities.

Project Background

When using a database, it is extremely important to ensure that the data is suitable for research activities. However, this determination itself can be very time consuming. To promote database use, it is necessary to make simple the use of the available data. Further, when new data is acquired, database use will be further encouraged by having an environment where it is widely available to researchers.

Project Research and Development Content

While its application on a database-only basis is as yet unclear, by extracting metadata that describes the used database in terms of research results comprising result reports and programs, we will develop a platform to provide information on how to determine whether the database one plans to use is appropriate for one’s research and to encourage the use of various databases in a wide range of fields.