Project Introduction

Social survey related Project

Through the following projects, we support the social survey research of researchers at universities and other similar organizations.

Preparation and Publication of Various Types of Social Data

Large Scale Academic Surveys Undertaken by the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM)

Various Surveys Conducted in Collaboration With Other Organizations

Social Survey Historical Document Archive (see here for details)

In relation to the various social surveys conducted in the form of joint research and in addition to publishing micro-data, the Center for Social Data Structuring (CSDS) and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) provide users with various information (survey ancillary information) that contributes to detailed analysis and discussion of survey results in the form of publication or joint use. This is intended to be used as a reference for historical research on social surveys and for future social survey design.

Social Survey Data Tabulation System (provisional release)

Formation of a Nationwide Shared Survey Network and Implementation of Joint Surveys

We conduct support activities from joint survey design to implementation and data analysis in collaboration with researchers from universities, etc.

Research and Dissemination of Issues Related to “Compliance” When Undertaking Social Surveys (see here for details)

Research and dissemination activities for issues related to compliance include all processes from the planning and implementation of social surveys to data acquisition and publication. These issues are not limited to social surveys.